It has been some time since I have gone over the purpose and rules for my personal blog site.  Recently some folks have demonstrated their confusion about this site.  For the record, let me repeat some of the ‘rules’ associated with my blog site for your awareness.

First of all, this is my personal blog.

As the disclaimer on the home page says, these posts and comments represent my person thoughts, insights, and concerns.  This blog site is definitely not the views of any other organization or person.  I write about what I am interested in and what I want to say, and literally nobody tells me what topics I should address or how to approach them.  What I write here is subject only to my own approval.  Not even my wife gets a vote. (she doesn’t read it).

This blog site is NOT representative of my current employer, Special Aerospace Services, LLC.  It is my hope that I do not offend SAS management or their many clients, but again, this is my personal site and they neither direct me nor necessarily agree with me on what I post.  This is my personal blog site.

This blog site is NOT representative of my former employer, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the U.S. Federal Government.  Long ago, I used to have a blog on the NASA web page that did represent many times the official position of the US government but THIS IS NOT IT.  Again, it is not my intention to offend my old colleagues, but they do not direct me nor do they necessarily concur with my thoughts and positions.  This is my personal blog site.

This blog site is NOT associated with any of the volunteer organizations with which I am (or was) a member or officer.  This is NOT an official site for the NASA Alumni League, the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration, the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Rice University Engineering Alumni Board of Directors, the Rice Space Institute, the Baker Institute at Rice University, etc., etc., etc.  None of those organizations give direction for my blog nor do they influence me on topics or how I address them.  This is my personal blog site.

This blog site does not represent the advisory roles that I have with the Federal Government under the Federal Advisory Committee’s Act.  This blog site is not an official site for the NASA Advisory Council nor for the FAA Commercial Space Transportation Advisory /committee.  They do not direct me on what to blog or how to address issues.  In general, I avoid discussing NAC or COMSTAC issues in my blog; after all those FACA Committee meetings are by law public and are well reported by the media.  While I attempt not to offend those organizations, I will say what I want and in the way I want on this blog site.  This is my personal blog site.

In Texas, we do not register as members of a political party, we merely register as a voter.  While I have definite political leanings, I am not an active member of any political party.  Political organizations do not direct my topics on this blog site nor do they influence how I address topics.  This is my personal blog site.

Now that we have that clarification over, let me address some of the rules for commenting on my posts.

I have sole discretion over what comments are posted and what are not posted.  No one else influences me on what will or will not be posted.  There is no appeal.  I will refuse (disapprove) comments in the following categories:

  1. Comments that I find offensive.  Keep your comments civil.  No slander allowed.  No profanity allowed.    You get the picture.
  2. I will not post comments that lead to other web pages or other blog sites. It’s just my policy.
  3. I will not allow comments that are clearly advertising gimmicks.
  4. I will only allow comments that I deem to be ‘on topic’ for the post. Nothing else.  This is at my sole discretion.
  5. I will disapprove ‘comments’ that are longer than the original post. Get your own blog site.


I think that is about it.


As a final note, please be aware that I write mostly from my faulty memory.  After I retired from NASA I was dismayed to find that I would not be able to access the extensive archives that the agency maintains on the space shuttle and other programs.  In spite of my repeated and courteous requests, the agency shows no signs of letting me or any other retiree access that data for our memoirs or scholarly papers or other objectives.  So what I write is subject to what I remember.  I feel confident though, that my old colleagues – both active and retired – will set me straight if I mis-remember some facts.  I will try to correct any errors that are pointed out to me, but it may take a while.  After all, I’m mostly retired

About waynehale

Wayne Hale is retired from NASA after 32 years. In his career he was the Space Shuttle Program Manager or Deputy for 5 years, a Space Shuttle Flight Director for 40 missions, and is currently a consultant and full time grandpa. He is available for speaking engagements through Special Aerospace Services.
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23 Responses to Administrivia

  1. Charley S says:

    For me, it was never in doubt this was your blog for you and by you.

    I like it because it teaches valuable lessons and has expanded my viewpoints.

    Keep it up!!

  2. simonallaway says:

    “…. the agency shows no signs of letting me or any other retiree access that data for our memoirs or scholarly papers or other objectives.”

    Is it not true that this material is owned by the public?

    • waynehale says:

      Yes, but . . .

      The archive is full of very technical data and NASA does not have the resources to go through it all and remove data that might be subject to the ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Restrictions) act. Or so they tell me. We certainly wouldn’t want those North Koreans to build better missiles based on something they learned from the shuttle archives, would we?

      • Mal Peterson says:

        You might want to contact Bill Barry, the Chief Historian, to determine whether a prepublication editorial review might solve the problem of ITAR disclosures.

      • waynehale says:

        It’s getting access to the data that is my problem

      • Dave H. says:

        North Korea’s rocket program is in its Rocket Boys phase. Run it, break it, find it, fix it. Repeat as needed. There is plenty of info out here which pretty much renders NASA’s archives as obsolete as a Hagan Ring Balance meter. That said, if you built a V2 rocket it wouldn’t function any differently than the originals.
        Physics never changes.

        20 years ago BBSes, the predecessors of weblogs, actually were places where users exchanged useful information. Today’s blogs are a digital Tower of Babel where users argue and insult one another.

        The Internet had such great potential, but human nature took over.

  3. Beth says:

    I always enjoy reading what you have to share, and making the occasional comment on it. Your blog is read, and appreciated. History lessons, cautionary tales, and inside peeks to that world that so many of us want to see more of…space exploration. Thank you for reiterating the ground rules.

  4. EsothMax says:

    WH, it’s the singularity of your views that makes the blog particularly interesting to me. Sure, your posts are informed by your personal history and your personal principles, loyalties, peeves and affections. But there is also an integrity that comes through that is very real because that also is personal to you and need not be qualified by or through the accommodation of or to other interests. The net effect of this is an unusual inside glimpse of what it was and is like to have the privilege you have earned and enjoyed of being a part of this adventure. As thrilling in its way as hearing from those sitting on the top of those rockets. So thanks. .

  5. Susan Bates says:

    So do you have a problem with sharing your writings with others….full post with your name attached.

  6. vincentalcazar85 says:

    Right then. Onward. Upward.

  7. ken anthony says:

    Seems silly you would have to point out the obvious, but sadly some would deny you the rights to your own thoughts… something our founders would have seen as inalienable.

    Can’t wait to see what govt. does when they get their hands on working mind probes.

    I always enjoy reading your posts.

  8. Maximillian Kammerer says:

    you’d be doing posterity a big favor by posting FOIA requests for things which you know exist in the archives (regardless of whether the requests are answered in the positive or not).

  9. Victor Moraes says:

    I find wisdom. Continue brave, as a good American. I have no doubt that you are doing the best control of your own life. The criticize, no one is obligated to support. Congratulations, you must keep the control.

  10. Victor Moraes says:

    Incidentally, this may be unpublishable, I’m wringing and spreading along with Donald Trump so that “you” will be the next Administrator of NASA. I have no doubt that it is the best name. Better, I believe than Bridestine. You have what’s lacking in politicians what is the jungle experience called NASA. Good luck!

  11. Victor Moraes says:

    But I’ll let you know … I’m jinx

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