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Wayne Hale is retired from NASA after 32 years. In his career he was the Space Shuttle Program Manager or Deputy for 5 years, a Space Shuttle Flight Director for 40 missions, and is currently a consultant and full time grandpa. He is available for speaking engagements through Special Aerospace Services.

Careful What You Ask For

Roy Estess was one of the smartest and best that I have ever met.  He spent most of his career testing large rocket engines at the NASA installation now known as the Stennis Space Center.  In fact, he became the … Continue reading

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STS-121: The Hardest Launch: Part 2 – Electrical Problems

  Now to return to a subject I have left pending for too long:  The STS-121 launch. We had three major problems to solve to get approval for the launch. I hate intermittent electrical problems.  It doesn’t matter whether they … Continue reading

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Memory Overload

Digging through my files I recently found an email which caught my attention: ===================================================================== From:  Larry A. Sent:  Thursday October 21, 2004 7:18 AM TO:  A whole bunch of people who are probably retired now Subject:  SMS Issue – SMS … Continue reading

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Fifteen Years

Two weeks ago, I participated in the NASA Remembrance Day and lessons learned activities which happen every year around February 1.  I believe it is very important to remember Dick Scobee, Gus Grissom, and Rick Husband and their crews; to … Continue reading

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Game Changing Technology

I’ve spent all week at the Langley Research Center in Virginia; there is much good work going on here.  We had no small number of discussion about ‘game changing technology’ without a good definition of what that phrase really means … Continue reading

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STS-121: The Hardest Launch – part 1

“The hardest part of any launch is getting the first foot off the ground” – Tommy Holloway, Space Shuttle Program Manager I was doing some online research recently and ran across this document which I had not seen in over … Continue reading

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  It has been some time since I have gone over the purpose and rules for my personal blog site.  Recently some folks have demonstrated their confusion about this site.  For the record, let me repeat some of the ‘rules’ … Continue reading

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