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The Ancient and Honorables

Friday was a busy day for me and I was off comm most of the day with meetings and whatnot. At the end of the day, I hustled over to the Saturn V barn at JSC to help with a … Continue reading

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Von Braun Symposium speech Oct. 29, 2015

Wayne Hale Speech at Von Braun Symposium October 29, 2015 First Slide – Pluto Limb from New Horizons In his 1950 book ‘Interplanetary Flight: An Introduction to Astronautics’, Arthur C. Clarke wrote: “the choice, as H. G. Wells once said, … Continue reading

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How to Avoid Train Wrecks

There has been a recent renewal of interest in a post I made five years ago “The Coming Train Wreck for Commercial Human Spaceflight” If you find that interesting perhaps you should read my post on Standards from just … Continue reading

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Specific Plans

“A long term strategy and corresponding plans must also be developed . . . a set of notional milestones, launches, and hardware developments that are sufficiently defined so as to allow a cost estimate” – NASA Advisory Council finding April … Continue reading

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Pilot Error is Never Root Cause

Most accidents originate in actions committed by reasonable, rational individuals who were acting to achieve an assigned task in what they perceived to be a responsible and professional manner. — Peter Harle, Director of Accident Prevention,Transportation Safety Board of Canada … Continue reading

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Peeking Behind the Curtain

When I worked for the government, I never really understood what industry was doing; it was all behind a curtain. They gave only glimpses of what they wanted the government to see. Those of us in the civil services always … Continue reading

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February first, again

No matter what is going on with the world, no matter what is happening in my life,  when the calendar turns to February 1 I have to stop, remember, and rededicate. This year we have another gold star on the … Continue reading

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